About us

Allied Medical Group S.A.L. (AMG) was established in 1994 and we have recently celebrated its Silver 25 years anniversary.. It was founded by a group of businessmen who have been working in the Medical business and trading for the past 30 years in reputable companies in Lebanon and around the Middle East.

Our major line of activity is to trade, contract and supply medical devices and products in both the Lebanese and Syrian markets through direct operations, and in the other Middle Eastern & African countries through a network of distributors.

AMG head office is located in Beirut, Lebanon, and its sister company operating under the name Syrian Allied Medical Group (S-AMG) is located in Damascus, Syria. As for the other Middle East & North Africa markets, they fall under the roof of AMG – Offshore.

Within the past years we managed to be one of the leading product and service providers in the health sector. We enjoy a very strong tie with our customers, and we have established the following divisions to serve them: the Minimal Invasive division that includes Vascular & Peripheral Intervention, Laparoscopy, Interventional Neuro Radiology & Gastroscopy, the General Surgery Division, the Neuro & Spine division, the Orthopedic division and the Ophthalmology division.
Without a doubt, our international partners played a very big role in our success and we would like to strengthen our partnership with them as we go further.  Please view our Suppliers (hyperlink) page for further information.

Being aware and responsive to the fast changing and growing markets of today, we are eager to select the best partners in this business who are driven towards growth and innovation and who can help us achieve success and contribution in the development of the medical field sector in the markets we serve.


The wealth of AMG group management experience and resources provides real opportunities to international companies seeking to develop their business and build competitive advantage in Lebanon, Syria or in the Middle East and North Africa regions throughout our current available structure.

If you are looking for a proper presentation in the region, then AMG is your ideal partner to achieve your goals.

The group provides comprehensive service in the areas of import, marketing, distribution and sales to many of the world’s leading companies through various agreements, partnerships and joint ventures.


At AMG, we take risks and challenge ourselves everyday searching for new ways to serve our partners and our market better. Our mission is to contribute in the development of the medical sector ...more