Allied Medical Group S.A.L. (AMG) was established in 1994 and soon we will be celebrating its 20 years anniversary. It was founded by a group of businessmen who have been working in the Medical business and trading for the past 25 years in reputable companies in Lebanon and around the Middle East.
The wealth of AMG group management experience and resources provides
real opportunities to international companies seeking to develop their business and build competitive advantage in Lebanon, Syria or in the Middle East and North Africa regions throughout our current available structure.

We are the sole distributors for more than 20 international companies. For details. Please view our suppliers web pages.


Looking to build a career: join us today!

Our success in business is attributed directly to the people we employ in our organization who have the attitude, energy and will power to achiever goals.

If you are talented, competent and with entrepreneurial spirit then you are the person that we are looking for.

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